Who is the best mobile carrier?

At home, at the office, at the gym... Qosbee gives you a 100% reliable free result

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How it works

Our service
We find the best operator for you, according to your geographical area. Could you be at home, at your uncle's, on holidays, at the gym.

The concept
Qosbee uses data from thousands users to provide for free and reliable and real result.


Thanks to its thousands participating users, Qosbee and its algorithm grow day by day, for a maximum relevance.

In order to freely use Qosbee, you participate to the common database by providing measures of your operator. The data is anonymous et gathered at the first test. In exchange of your patience, we provide a free service, 100% reliable.


From instant usage to daily follow up, discover what Qosbee can do for you

Around me

Find out who is the best operator where you are right now.

Multi addresses

Indicate one or several addresses of your choice, they will be synthesized to give an assessment and find your best operator.

Activity follow up

Activity follow up to define more accurately your usage and get the most precise assessment.


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